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His-Story and Hers Too

October 2015 was the birthday of 'a hip joint'.  An idea was born from Dr. Tania Reavis.  She read the book “The Answer” by John Assaraff.  The book ignited a passion, spark, a fire.  For the next two days, she couldn’t stop jotting down all this swirling of ideas in her head in a little notebook.  Around the third day, she had set up her fictitious name, set up her LLC, EIN, fully functioning website, business model, and business plan.  It literally went from brainstorming to full on putting it into motion within 3 days. 

Dr. Tania and her husband Dr. Eric were both seasoned chiropractors within a family business for 9 years.   They had decided to create a new business model that would be getting away from insurance, getting away from all the complaints that they hear from their patients about other chiropractic clinics, and treating the patient as they should be treated.  They had hoped to let this business run itself and hire doctors, therapists, and staff to work in it for them.  This would free up their time to not have to work in the family business so many hours.  This new business adventure would allow more time with their kids and more time for travel. 

  They had always dabbled in real estate investments and other adventures to keep the student loans and big self-employment brackets at bay.    In 2003, Dr. Tania had owned her own clinic in Sugar Creek, MO.  When her and Dr. Eric moved to Springfield, MO in 2006, they started the hustle all over again and built their practices up from scratch. And literally, 9 years, they started 'a hip joint' Springfield.

They decided to leverage all their rental properties on a small business loan for 'a hip joint'.  Dr. Eric and Dr. Tania had laid out the business plan so precisely.  They knew down to the last dollar on supplies, profit and losses, advertising schedule, hiring procedures, business hours, lease, signage, etc.  It was all planned before approaching the banker.  The banker said it was the best presented business plan she has ever seen. 

Dr. Eric and Dr. Tania worked feverishly to get 'a hip joint' Springfield going.  This was all while working their normal day job.  It took 3 months for build out, ordering supplies, hiring massage therapists, and employees.   They were proud to say they stuck to their budget to a tee. And they did this all while working Mon-Friday in their original clinic. 

They were already promoting 'a hip joint' before it ever opened.  This included a St.Patrick’s day parade, a women’s show, and a presentation for 1 Million Cups (a place where owners present the business of their business). 

 They had a 100k line of credit.  They hired 3 therapists, and 2 front desk positions.  If something could go wrong it did.  The front desk positions were filled with pregnancy and maternity gone wild and the “I quit because I need to sell my furniture on Craigslist tonight.”  There were independent contractor issues.  What was going to be this elaborate plan of getting a business to make them money while they worked in their 10-year established practice has now completely blown up in their face.  It was do-or-die time. 

 Dr. Eric and Dr. Tania took turns filling in as chiropractor and acupuncturist in the clinic.  The front desk was trained to fake it and pretend there was no other appointments available until certain times.  It was because the doctors were busy running their original clinic.  The Reavis' only came over after working their other positions.  It took the 2 of them working 2 clinics for an entire year. 

They had tried to hire other doctors.  The business model was set up to hire independent contractors.  That is what both Dr. Eric and Dr. Tania had been at the family business.  They never had attracted the right doctor.  They had interviewed many over several months.  Most were young doctors looking for a salary, or the seasoned doctor looking for a salary.

They had even tried to sell 'a hip joint' many times over. Working 2 clinics, rental properties, 2 kids and 4 dogs was about to drive them to the brink of insanity.  What was very interesting is every time they wanted to give up, they kept getting invited to do t.v. spots, the local newspaper did a 3-page spread on them, and they kept getting asked to do more and more events.  The more they tried to get rid of 'a hip joint', the more it kept telling them NO! The Numbers Kept Growing and Growing and GROWING.

Fast forward to being open for one year.  It was about to be the one year anniversary of 'a hip joint', and the clinic was climbing exponentially in attendance, money collected, and status.  It was really time to make a choice.  Dr. Tania got to the edge of the plane door and jumped.  Little did Dr. Eric know, it was a tandem dive, and he leaped too.  One year in, they decided, the success of 'a hip joint' was too great.  They both left the 10-year practice. 

In a matter of 1 year, they made 6 figures part time.  The Facebook presence for 'a hip joint' was double that of their 10-year business.  The first few months had driven several hundred people to the website and at the year mark, they were over 25 thousand hits to www.ahipjoint.com.  The first month had almost 500 unique website visits and there wasn‘t even an address for the clinic yet.   They had been invited to all kinds of public appearances and so many entrepreneurs made the comment of how they were sitting on a gold mine. Dr. Eric and Dr. Tania were 10 months in 'a hip joint' when they were approached for the first franchise branch off their flagship company.  And then 2 more within 2 more months.

The business model of 'a hip joint' has proven itself.  It wins time and time again.  The patients and people who walk through the doors of each and every one of the hip joints says “Whoah, this is cool.” We have innovative ideas that makes the patients happy.  We also have developed a system that keeps office staff, therapists, and doctors happy too.  Dr. Eric and Dr. Tania got to the point they were uncomfortable in their “comfort zone”.  And so, the idea of 'a hip joint' was born.  And now they bring it to you.