October 2015 is the birthday of 'a hip joint' clinic.  An idea was born from Dr. Tania Reavis after she read a motivational book that ignited a fire.  For the next two days, she couldn’t stop jotting down all this swirling of ideas in her head in a little notebook.  Within 3 days, Drs. Eric and  Tania had set up a fictitious name, set up the LLC, EIN, fully functioning website, business model, and business plan.  It literally went from brainstorming to full on putting it into motion within 3 days. 

Dr. Tania and her husband Dr. Eric were both seasoned chiropractors.   They had decided to create a new business model that would be getting away from insurance, getting away from all the complaints that they hear from their patients about other chiropractic clinics, and treating the patient as they should be treated.  

They decided to leverage all their rental properties on a small business loan for 'a hip joint'.  Dr. Eric and Dr. Tania had laid out the business plan so precisely.  They knew down to the last dollar on supplies, profit and losses, advertising schedule, hiring procedures, business hours, lease, signage, etc.  It was all planned before approaching the banker.  The banker said it was the best presented business plan she has ever seen. 

They hired 3 therapists, and 2 front desk positions.  If something could go wrong it did.  What was very interesting is every time they wanted to give up, they kept getting invited to do television spots, newspaper and magazine articles, and they kept getting asked to do more and more events. 

The Numbers Kept Growing and Growing and GROWING.

The business model of 'a hip joint' has proven itself.  It wins time and time again.  The patients and people who walk through the doors of each and every one of the hip joints says “Whoah! This is cool.” We have innovative ideas that makes the patients happy. 

We also have developed a system that keeps office staff, therapists, and doctors happy too.  

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