Want a Clinic?  How do you Get "Neck" in Line?

What We Do

Pre-Opening Help with:

*Establishing Your Business Entity

*Site Selection

*Lease Approval

*Help with Licenses, Permits


*Aid in setting up 'a hip joint'

*Inventory Lists

*Bank Account Information

*How to Hire and Interview
*Initial Training

*Initial Support

*Grand Opening Support

*Marketing Help

*Give You Forms and Contracts

*And of Course High Fives!  Those are important ;)



*On-going support with Daily Procedures

*Marketing Help

*Brand Development

*Employment Procedures

*On-going Training Help

*Constant Renovations and Unique Ideas to Implement.

*And the list goes on

What You Do

Have a KICK ASS Clinic 
without having to be scared or intimidated. We got your "Back"!
And Yes, we swear.  Get used to it.  The most honest people cuss. 

​​Superior Quality, Quirky, Fun

Incredibly Successful Hip Clinics